Press Release: Slash 2WD LCG Conversion kit in stock now!

By Team STRC, September 1, 2010 6:36 pm

Installation instructions to be online this Friday (9/3/2010)

Purchase LCG Conversion kit Here!

Give your Slash a 2nd chance with our LCG conversion kit.  With Short Course racing becoming more and more competitive each day, the truck that started it all now gets a chance to compete toe to toe again with our LCG conversion kit against today’s stadium truck based Short course truck in the likes of SC10, Blitz and Kyosho.  Using existing Traxxas products (Rustler chassis, upper deck and battery hold down) you can convert the Slash that you always loved and enjoyed racing to a even more competitive Short Course Truck with a lower center of gravity with our simple conversion kit…featuring:

* Lower CG by dropping the battery by over 2 inches using the Rustler chassis
* Perfect alignment of all chassis components by staying with a Traxxas Manufactured chassis
* Lower CG even more with the Rustler’s laydown servo position over the stock Slash chassis’s upright servo position
* Slightly shorter wheelbase matching today’s more agile short course truck (10mm shorter) however, you can still keep existing body hole location
* faster cornering = lower lap times with the lower center gravity.  Anywhere from 1 to 2+ seconds faster per lap just by switching to this LCG setup
* More rear traction thanks to the super low positioned extending chassis plate right beneath the motor

You don’t need to give up your Slash or sell it to get another truck to be competitive at your local track.  With our conversion, plus $20 of parts from Traxxas, your Slash will be competitive once again….for the budget racers, this is perfect.  For those that just can’t seem to give up the Slash, but still want to be competitive, now you will be!

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